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What about those DIY websites - much cheaper than yours?

Posted in Site Articles

You can go to GoDaddy, get your domain name, and use their Website Tonight product to build a site.  There are a million other ones too, but you should tread very carefully - as all that glittters isn't gold.

Here are a few considerations…

SEO -The whole reason that you need a website is so that people (new customers) can find your business online, right?  If your website isn’t bringing in business, it just costs you money.  Yes, cheap websites let you add some meta tags and keywords, but a well optimised site has a lot more than just some tags built in; its fully enhanced for search engine optimisation.  

Functionality - Great business websites are geared to drive business. They should capture registrations to add to your marketing list, allow people browse of buy your products, make reservations at your restaurant, etc. Basic sites simply don’t offer the components & functionality that make a site great.

Design - Your site needs to look and feel like your business. The colours, the logo, the graphics should all seemlessly fit with the business. When a potential customer visits your site, you want them to have the same feeling that they would walking in your front door. DIY websites limit the layout options, usually have a poor selection of graphics, and have basic colour schemes.

Affordability - A poorly presented website will end up costing you money in lost business. Sure, you might save with the initial layout but longer term - you'll lose prospective customers.

Support - What happens when you run into problems? As you've paid for a very basic package, you should expect a very basic level of support. A professional support function will take all the hassle out of technical issues, so you are not side-tracked and can concentrate on growing your business.

Our support team ensures that our clients have the latest security certificates, components and that the site is optimised for every new tablet or iPad that hits the market. Anything less is just bad business.

If you still want to try to build your own site, try WordPress. Best of luck!

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